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Reusable materials

Online second-hand market platforms for construction materials and elements are the most common tools. They promote the sharing, reuse or the sale of construction materials and equipment. Seven second-hand platforms are collected. Each one has its particular aims and purpose. 

RotorDC Store

Rotor DC


RotorDC dismantles, conditions and sells materials, as well as providing assistance to building owners, contractors and architects on the subject.


Rotor vzw


The Opalis website shows an overview of the professional operators who sell second-hand building materials. Often these actors also offer other services: dismantling and cleaning, tailoring elements, specialized advice, ... They can be filtered by material and by distance.




Werflink is the online sharing platform on which construction companies and yards can share equipment, infrastructures, cargo space and material surpluses.




On the symbiosis platform, buyers and suppliers of valuable materials meet each other anonymously. Contact other companies on the symbiosis platform and search for opportunities together with them.

retraceio.JPG is a platform that traces material streams. 

We map your building materials and organise your waste streams. traces your waste streams in our network and finds the highest value for your waste both financially and ecologically.

Harvestmap/ Oogstkaart

Superuse Studios


Harvestmap stands for circular economy and practical application within the construction sector. Harvestmap is a platform that brings together the demand and supply of recycled material and residual material.

Platform van de Actoren voor het Hergebruik van Bouwelementen

Brussel Hoofdstedelijk Gewest


An overview of materials that have not been used on certain construction sites. The goal of the platform is to stimulate (re)use.

Insert marktplaats

Buro Boot


Insert wants to promote the reuse of as much material as possible by connecting and supporting parties in the supply chain.


World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)


The MarketplaceHub is a tool designed to foster a sustainable use of resources through accelerating business to business reuse opportunities for secondary materials worldwide.

Loop Rocks (app)


loop rocks logo.jpg

Get a quick overview of available and demanded earth and filling products, transport requests as well as sites in your area. 

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