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Galileo Reference Center




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Galileo Reference Centre is a new data collection center where the data is received from the Galileo satellite system. The elongated two-storey building contains mainly office space and computer rooms. The center has been designed as a highly efficient and resilient building which can be adapted into the future.

The façades' structure and construction

The façade is determined by a pattern of interchangeable cassettes. These cassettes are available in three versions; transparent, semi-transparent and closed. With this system, the building can be transparent and focused on its surroundings where necessary, and closed and introverted where required. In the future, the interchangeability of the cassettes make the building flexible and future-proof.

The ambition was to create a waste-free and resilient building in which the materials used are chosen for future reuse. Partly for this reason, wood has been chosen as the most commonly used material. Both the main supporting structure, storey floor and roof are made of oversized composite, prefabricated, pinewood elements. 


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