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Circular business plan

Reconceive how you operate and make up a circular business plan according to it. Shift your thinking from products to services and create value from prolonged product lifetime and closed material loops. Include financial, social, and environmental consideration. 

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Client, contractor, manufacturer

Intermediate expertise needed

Take action

  • Understand the ‘as-is’ business model: key stakeholders, material and value flow mapping

  • Map out key trends in the business environment. Which ones are relevant to circular economy? (e.g. fiscal measures, waste and recycling regulations, public procurements, ...)

  • Take your vision and ambition and develop a value proposition: What is the value delivered to the client, How does it incorporate elements of CE? What are the end-of-life channels? Who will be a key partner? How do circular economy elements have an impact on costs?


Overview of participating stakeholders (Action Multidisciplinary team), current material and value flows, the vision and ambition (Action Circular vision).


Circular business model(s) and value model applied to your building project or organisation.

Exemplary business model

Niaga Carpet

The tag enables producers to get their materials back at the end of each product’s use cycle. It creates awareness with the end user and gives them clear and easy instructions on how to return their carpet when they’re done with it.

More information

Niaga website

European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform



To prevent their modules from ending up in landfills, Juunoo offers a buy-back guarantee. They pay for the wall modules if the user sells them back to them.  

More information

Juunoo website


More information and sources

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