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Early collaboration

Share information and ideas from the beginning of the design process with the design team or even the whole supply chain.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Design team or all stakeholders

No expertise needed

Take action

  • Search for partners that are making efforts in circular building, before the design process starts.

  • Define which stakeholders need to be involved to make the building project a success.

  • Inform all these partners from the start to gather insights, information, and participation.

  • Involve more stakeholders at the start of the design process than just the client, the architect, and the engineers.



To gather information and insights from the start of the design process and to avoid rework later on. By working together early in the process, important adjustments can be made and decisions made together. It is especially important in the transition to the circular economy to consult different expertise early. Contractors, material producers, logistics managers, and so on can also bring important insights to the table.

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