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Estimate reusability

Test and estimate which building elements are reusable and for which functions. Assess their performance and their (financial) residual value. 

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Design team, contractor, control office

Intermediate expertise needed 

Take action

  • From the inventory, select the elements which are suited for reuse.

  • For each kind of element, decide which kind of test is appropriate to estimate or calculate its unknown properties and performances.

  • Try to use existing testing methods.

  • Ask for guidance from a control office.

  • Reuse or sell the reusable building elements.


An inventory of reusable building elements. (Action: Inventory)


An overview on which building elements are reusable for which functions and what their (financial) residual value is.

More information and sources

Akanbi et al. 2019. Reusability analytics tool for end-of-life assessment of building materials in a circular economy

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