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Offer reusable components

Offer or sell reusable components which cannot be reused in your projects to other interested stakeholders.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Design team, contractor

Beginner expertise needed 

Take action

  • Inform the demolition company which building components will be recovered before the actual demolition begins.

  • Contact the designers and/or the contractors of promising projects about the possibilities to reuse your building components.


  • Put the reusable elements and the detailed information from the inventory on online platforms to donate or sell to other interested stakeholders.


Inventory of reusable building components.

Performance, amount, and other data of the reusable components.


Avoidance of demolition waste by reusing building components and enlarging the reusability potential of the building components. 

More information and sources

Material sharing platforms:

Other sources:

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