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Disassembly plans

Make a disassembly plan. Apart from constructing with reversible connections, better guidance for the future disassembly stakeholders is developed to ensure a fast and correct disassembly of the building.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Architectural designers and engineers

Advanced expertise needed 

Take action

  • From the scenario planning exercise, evaluate which building components will be demounted.

  • Figure out which building components should be demounted first and which ones last, to generate the optimised disassembly plan for retrieving single or multiple components from a given building’s assembly.

  • Create graphical and textual disassembly plans.

  • Indicate if some precision or caution is needed when demounting certain components (to avoid destruction).


  • Architectural and technical plans

  • Plausible future scenarios (Action: Scenario planning)

  • Data on the materials and the building components (technical life cycle, performance, properties, etc.)


Ensuring a fast and correct disassembly of the building. Avoidance of demolition waste by reusing building components. The closing of material loops.

More information and sources

Denis, F. et al. 2018. Using Network Analysis and BIM to Quantify the Impact of Design for Disassembly

Sanchez, B. et al. 2020. A selective disassembly multi-objective optimization approach for adaptive reuse of building components

Hertoghs, P. et al. 2019. Quantifying the Generality and Adaptability of Building Layouts Using Weighted Graphs:

The SAGA Method

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