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Reuse building components

Integrate reused building elements in your project, from the project or from another building site, to recover and reuse as much material as possible.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Design team, contractor

Beginner expertise needed 

Take action

  • Set an ambitious reuse target at the beginning of the design process.

  • Check the inventory and/ or online material platforms for reusable building components

  • Analyse which reusable components fit the provided functions during the feasibility phase, and update this list during the next design phases according to the availability of the components.

  • Foresee time and budget to buy and install the reused components in the building.


Inventory of reusable building components, information on the performance of the components, overview of reusable components on online material reuse platforms.


Avoidance of demolition waste by reusing building components. The closing of material loops.

Exemplary cases

Crèche Justice

Reuse of wooden door frames by Bellastock

For the Crèche Justice in Paris, the designer proposed the reuse of wooden pallets for the entire facade to enclose the large balconies. The designers (BFV Architectes) were not familiar with incorporating reclaimed materials, and that is where Bellastock was involved, an architectural office that works on experimental architecture with a focus on valorising (reclaimed) resources. The wooden doors, reclaimed from a neighbouring project, were reprocessed into the fitting facade modules.

More information on the Crèche Justice

BFV Architectes


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Buitenplaats Brienenoord

Reuse of trusses to create a versatile pavilion

The new building consists of 65% material from the old building, 30% reused material from other projects and 5% new material. 

02 Paviljoen Buitenplaats Brienenoord web.jpg

More information on Buitenplaats Brienenoord

Superuse Studios

IMd (engineering office)

Rotterdam architectuurprijs

More information and sources

Material sharing platforms:

Other sources:

Previous action

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