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Multidisciplinary team

Build multidisciplinary teams with collaboration in mind: a design and construction team wherein various experiences and viewpoints (on circularity) by different expertises are included, to co-create the building project.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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Design team, client, contractors, manufacturers

Beginner expertise needed

Take action

  • Define who needs to be involved in each life cycle phase to make the building project a success.

  • When reaching out to these people, make sure you set clear expectations around what you are asking of them.

  • Ask for their input to gather and share knowledge and information.

  • Discuss your roles and make a collaboration plan and agreement.

  • Refer back to the collaboration plan once the project has started.


A multidisciplinary team (of experts), each with their own knowledge and approach, can comprehensively analyse and tackle various barriers. You will benefit from having a variety of perspectives and skillsets. A team with different (useful) backgrounds and expertise that have a shared goal and a collaboration plan.

More information and sources

Building teams - The Circular Design Guide by Ellen MacMarthur Foundation

Leising, E. et al. 2018. Circular Economy in the building sector: Three cases and a collaboration tool

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