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Network & Matchmaking

Start a conversation on circular economy and engage with partners that have the same circular ambition or experience.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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All stakeholders of the supply chain.

Beginner expertise needed

Take action

  • Participate in matchmaking events.

  • Start a conversation on circular economy with other stakeholders.

  • Engage with colleagues that have the same circular ambition and vision.


None, or your own project and vision.


Design and construction teams that have a circular ambition.

Where to start?

There are various platforms available that facilitate networking and matchmaking between engaged stakeholders. Take a look at the following platforms:


Green Deal Circulair BouwenThe leading platforms in Flanders (Circular Flanders). The members are expected to actively participate in the learning network in which they exchange knowledge and experiences with the other members.

Image by Jakob Dalbjörn

UKGBC (UK Green Building Council): Also in the UK, such a platform is set up. They engage to connect with professionals and develop new skills by organising various meetings, events, and courses.

In addition, there are numerous organisations that organise network days. For Flanders, keep an eye on the websites of WTCB, NAV, Vlaio, ...

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