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Project sharing

Share your circular project and solutions, with useful and detailed information, in a strategic way to inform stakeholders outside your project team and to increase awareness and knowledge.

When to take action?

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Who can take action?

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All stakeholders

No expertise needed

Take action

  • Document well the design process, the circular building project, and the innovative results.

  • Select the useful information for outsiders

  • It is important to mention the context and the boundary conditions that were set during the project.

  • Do not only share success stories but also missteps or misconceptions, for everyone to learn from it.

  • Contact the administrators of the online sharing platforms

  • Give lectures and tours on the project


Information, documents, and pictures of the circular building project.


Open source information and exemplary projects on circular building.

Exemplary case

After each project delivery, Cepezed does not only share a short press release and one or a few renders but provides a whole press kit in PDF format. It contains renders, an extensive explanation, but also detailed plans and technical details. 

Buildingdeel d(emontabel) is a fully demountable building. It is built from a steel structure and currently houses offices. And as mentioned, the technical details are fully available.


Copyright: Cepezed, Photography: Lucas Van der Wee

Pages from cepezed Perskit Bouwdeel D(emontabel)_NL_lr.pdf.jpg

More information and sources

Online platforms that share circular building projects:




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